• Don’t leave your dog vulnerable…

    Ticks can become active as soon as it’s 4°C. Start tick control EARLY to protect your dog.
    Call us today to discuss or

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  • Parasite Prevention

    Mosquitoes, Fleas & Ticks, OH MY!
    These pests can cause problems for pets ranging from minor to life-threatening. Call us today 519-941-2275 to discuss testing & the appropriate preventive program or click here for further info.

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  • Welcome to Orangeville Animal Hospital! Your local veterinarian for Orangeville, ON and surrounding area.

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  • Veterinary Services Available

    Our animal Hospital is pleased to offer a wide variety of services for dogs and cats in Dufferin County

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  • Nutritional Counseling in Orangeville

    Questions about diet?
    Orangeville Animal Hospital is pleased to provide Nutritional Counseling services for dogs & cats.

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Accepting New Clients

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• Annual Vaccinations
• Wellness Examinations
• Dental Prophylaxis
• Surgery – Spay, Neuter & Soft tissue
• Microchip Identification
• Radiography
• Diagnostic Blood Tests
• Parasite Prevention and Treatment
• Nutritional Counseling

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