Apr 22 2014

Camilla’s Bad Book

Camilla here, I’ve come to realize that being a clinic cat isn’t as glamorous as one may think! Apparently there are certain actions that are considered inappropriate within the clinic. The following is a record of things I’m NOT supposed to do, hence labelled my “bad book”. Also this photo is totally unflattering and should be discarded immediately.

  • Snuck into food storage room and helped myself to a previously unopened bag of food. This food was apparently expensive and only for “dogs”.
  • Proceeded to enter an unoccupied pet carrier in reception to take a nap. This carrier was supposedly not mine and it was inappropriate when I didn’t get out when they tried to place the intended occupant back in.
  • Biting a child when I do not want to be disturbed362
  • Helping myself to another tasty bag of food special ordered for a client
  • Sitting in front of dogs that clearly do not like cats just for the fun of it.
  • Meowing until someone flushes the toilet to allow me to have my morning drink.
  • Munching on the corners of kleenex, only to gross out the staff when they need one to blow their nose.
  • Coughing up hairballs on the office floor as a morning treat for my staff!
  • Waiting until the back door opens to make my escape to the great outdoors.
  • Stealing food from patients cages, because I obviously don’t get fed enough!
  • Taunting patients in reception, it’s required that they admire my beauty.
  • Snooping through clients belongings while they’re paying at reception.
  • Sleeping in the towel room – somewhere I shouldn’t be!
  • Laying on or rolling in any papers left in reception.
  • Crawling into the filing cabinet, only to scare the staff member who tries to close it.
  • Diving off front desk to chase the pencil someone’s writing with



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